Scotia and Torus 12"x12" 12"x12" 2011

Two Nappes 12"x12" 12"x12" 2011

In the Land of 45"x26"  

True Length 12"x12" 12"x12"; 2010

Twice at Once 14"x12"  


Locus Plane 12"x12" 12"x12"; 2010

Crosscut on a given plane 12"x12" 12"x12"; 2010

Slow Rise  

Untitled 12"x12" 12"x12"; 2010

Intersection, vein of ore 12"x12"; 2010

Jacob's Ladder 24.5"x22.5"; 2010

It's Up  

Generatrix 12"x12"; 2010

Determination of visibility 12"x12" 12"x12"; 2011

Here Once, Once There  

Folded 12"x12"; 2010

Unfolded 12"x12"; 2010

Special Cones 12"x12" 12x12; 2011

Transition Piece 12"x12" 12"x12"; 2011


Memory is Around the Corner